ANAHAAT PLANET Kirtan and Music

We bring you a vibrational legacy from the timeless East and Middle East, English sing alongs, mantras, poetry, and meditative soundscapes.

We encourage all to sing along or listen! Our instrumental compositions are original and varied with fusions of folk and ambient electronic. Join us on an enchanting musical magic carpet ride toward a heart-centered world!

Anahaat Planet’s EP Is Available Online And Can Be Heard At This Location!

Nicki Anahata Musick (vocals, acoustic guitar, gong) | Jeanne Garane, (fiddle, mandolin) | LG (piano, synthesizers, percussion) | James Wallace (electric bass)

ANAHAAT PLANET KIRTAN AND MUSIC with musicians Jeanne Garane, James Wallace,  Logan Goldstein, Anahata Nicki Musick and Rodney Bean

With musicians Jeanne Garane, James Wallace, LG and Anahata Nicki Musick

Yoga Masala
711 Bluff Rd Columbia SC 29201 | (803) 748-YOGA
Saturday January 19th
Music & Kirtan | 7:00 – 9:00 PM | Donations Accepted

Anahaat Planet In The Media:

Jasper Magazine Fall 2018:
Yoga studios are poised to be a new outlet for rock ‘n’ rollers who are looking to pranayama as fuel rather than distorted guitars and sprinting tempos. Anahaat Planet brings their sound of the tree pose and onto a three song EP that’s serene, psychedelic, and rooted in American music of the past… More

Free Times MUSIC FEATURE: Anahaat Planet’s ‘Yoga Music’ Proves the Folly of Simplistic Labels – Resonant Frequencies – Aug 8, 2018:
Sometimes life makes the most sense when it seems to make none. Consider Columbia yoga instructor Nicki Anahata Musick, who decided to start a band when she broke her wrist. “That actually was very perplexing to me,” she reflects during a spring interview with Free Times… “It was almost like it was a catalyst, sort of a kick in the butt.”… More